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Bjälbo Trädgård AB is situated in the south part of Sweden 250 kilometers south of Stockholm. We produce potatoes from the field to table stock market delivered in packages for supermarkets. We grow almost all potatoes ourselves and pack it in our packing station.

We also produce and sell seed potatoes to other growers all over Sweden. We can also supply the classic varieties King Edward and Asterix.

In total we grow about 200 hectares of potatoes.



Certified production

We work according to the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008. Our packing station is approved by SMAK (Swedish food-potato-control) and of couse it also follows the food legislations risk analysis HACCP. The farming is also IP-approved (integrated production).





Bjälbo Trädgård AB • 596 91 Skänninge • Tel: +46 142 430 50 • Fax: +46 142 431 25 • E-mail: